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Testimonials from past students

Past Flying Colours

Nigel is a very patient and honest driving instructor. I passed the test in first attempt and surprised my friends :) Nigel is very attentive and catches even small mistakes quickly. He explains everything in very detail. I feel safe and confident on road now. I would highly recommend him as your driving instructor.

Gurmit Singh

Having been able to drive for many years overseas and now needing to re-sit a driving test in England was not something one looks forward to . However, Nigel was amazing as there was never a dull moment . He makes learning to drive interesting and fun. He was honest and helped me pass the test after just a few lessons. Highly recommend him to anyone who wants to pass the test at the first attempt !!

Dr. SangeetaD

After several unsuccessful lessons, with some we known driving schools,I was still no further in my driving. I am of a nervous disposition and Nigel put me right at ease! He is calm and confident in his communication and has some great tips and techniques. I never thought I could pass in a manual vehicle and now could never imagine not. 100 % recommend Nigel, he is easy to engage with and will prepare you well to pass your test!

Hollie Wright

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I switched instructors after failing my first test, and found that I progressed much faster with Nigel. He was always very calm,patient and gave detailed explanations. I became much more confident under his tuition. After just a few lessons I was ready to take my test again and passed with only 1 minor!


I'd had a few instructors until I found Nigel. I had always lacked confidence on the roads, but he put me right at ease. Nigel is very patient and worked through all aspects of my driving at a pace that suited me, helping me build my confidence back up on the roads. Nigel is very thorough and explains everything very clearly, he was also flexible and I always found it easy to get a lesson time that fitted my free time. Passed first time, I wouldn't have done it without him, highly highly recommended!

Tom Wright

Nigel was an incredibly patient and helpful driving instructor. He was able to identify the weaknesses in my driving and work on them with me throughout the learning process, something that I was exceedingly grateful for when it came to test time. He also offered great flexibility as to the timing of lessons, something which I needed with a fairly busy weekly schedule. Affable and attentive, I would strongly recommend Flying Colours Driving School.

J Hamer

Nigel is a first class teacher, very friendly, easy going and is extremely patient teacher. I highly recommend him as your driving instructor to anyone and everyone. Thanks Nigel. :D


I had never driven before, and was quite nervous the first time I had my lesson. Nigel put me at ease and was patient with me every step of the way. He was very friendly throughout the course of the lessons and took his time to make sure we knew what we were doing by explaining it thoroughly. I would recommend him for anyone learning to drive - whether for the first time or refreshing your learning.


Anyone trying to find a reliable instructor for driving lessons I would direct you to nigel having already had experience driving I had a head start driving but still learnt a lot which then got me the pass mark I wanted on the day You get what it says on the tin :) excellent

Ian Grange

Nigel helped me pass my test first time round which was a triumph considering I was at times a nervous driver. Nigel is brilliant at making you feel in control and at ease when driving. Good sense of humour also helped! The pace of the lessons is great and nothing feels rushed or repetitive. Highly recommended for other learner drivers.

Holly Waga

Nigel was patient, clear and calm, giving me clear directions and indications which helped me build my confidence and learnt how to drive in UK. I highly recommend him if you want to pass your driving test first time as I did!

Paula Aiello

Very good teacher, helpful and friendly, was able to help me pass in 3 months with around just over 20 hours in lessons. I highly recommend Nigel as an instructor!

Dmitri Dharmascna

I have nothing but good words to say about my previous learner driver experience with Nigel. I was his first ever student, and he made me feel extremely comfortable and confident during my lessons. I was far from an accomplished driver, and in truth it took me a while to get to grips with the idea of driving, however Nigel was very patient and would regularly put in an extra few minutes at the end of most sessions just to make sure I finished on a positive note. I really can't speak highly enough of his skills as a driving instructor and would recommend him to anyone.

Michael Vanderpuye

Having tried to learn with a previous instructor and felt I was not improving I got a hold of Nigel. Before I had any lessons he rung me up to see if I had any previous experience and spoke about what we would do on our first lesson, I thought this was very organised and meant we got straight to driving rather than talking about driving for an hour like most other instructors. Nigel has a very bubbly and friendly personality, which I felt was very reassuring rather than to be sat in silence, uncomfortably. He took me on all of the test routes, so on my actual test I knew exactly where to go and how to handle any potential problems. Nigel's explanations of the manoeuvres were clear and easy to remember so on the day of the test I felt full of confidence. I 110% recommend learning to drive with Nigel if you want to pass first time round! Thanks for your help Nigel :-)